Photography is the perfect way to express my emotions and to capture the world
the way I see it. It’s a personal thing for me and I do it for myself – no one else.

I have learnt to share my work with others, though, and this site is meant for anyone interested to take a look at a selection of my images.

Back when photography first seriously became an interest of mine, I mainly did landscape photography. Growing up on the island Mors, has given me a strong bond to nature and I love to observe the changes over the year.  But as I grew as a photographer, I wanted to discover other subjects than nature, like portraits, candids and macros. The hardest step was to take selfportraits – and not least to let others see them. But by now, they’ve become more natural to me and they give me the opportunity to explore other parts of my creativity.

I hope you’ll enjoy my photographs.